Page's Update

Page was treated at UCSF for breast cancer and had joined the I-Spy trial program that they are running to determine the efficacy of adding other drugs to a breast cancer chemo program. The results for her were not sufficient to warrant staying with the trial and Page reverted to the standart taxol infusion treatment after the first three weeks of the I-Spy trial.


Her surgeon at UCSF is Dr. Cheryl Ewing.
Her oncologist at UCSF is Dr. Amy Chien.
The I-Spy 2 coordinator is Colby Hyland.

What we learned at various meetings and a list of upcoming meetings can be found under the various month tabs. We will update this site whenever there is something new to let everyone know about.


Great news on 11/21/16 - The tumor has shrunk from 7.4 cm to 6.5 cm! 

Not so great news: The change was not enough to warrant staying with the trial infusions and oral chemotherapy.  Page was switched from the I-Spy regimen to taxol on 11/29.  There will be twelve taxol infusions, one every week, followed by four A/C infusions, one every other week.  (For more information about A/C click here.)



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