9:00 AM Pre-op meeting and mammogram at UCSF

12:30 PM MRI at UCSF.


At today's meeting with Dr. Ewing to discuss the results of yesterday's MRI, we learned that the A/C treatments have worked to shrink the tumor even more.  Therefor she feels that there is no question but that a lumpectomy is in order for the upcoming surgery.


11:00 AM Meeting with Dr. Foster (plastic surgeon) to go over his participation during the surgery.


Surgery went well and Dr. Ewing and Dr. Foster were pleased with the results. Page has extended her participation in the I-Spy trials for the next ten years. To that end they took a sample of her bone marrow during the surgery. They want to check to see if there are markers in the bone marrow that might predict recurrence of the cancer. They also removed her port at this time.


Page spent last night in the hospital and then came home this morning.  She has been able to control any pain from the surgery solely with Tylenol, although she did receive a prescription for oxycodone.  The next time we meet with her surgeon will be on May 26th when we will learn about the results of the biopsies that were done after the surgery.


3:00 PM Appointment with Nurse Julie Theresa L, who removed the lymph drain.


1:40 PM At today's meeting with Dr. Ewing we were told that Page is healing beautifully. The tumor that was removed consisted of only 5% live cells indicating that the chemotherapy was very effective. However, there was a cancer node (we didn't learn whether it was live or dead) found in the margin when the results of the surgery were studied by the pathology department.  Because of this finding Dr. Ewing wants to go back in to remove a larger margin in a few months from now. First she wants to let Page heal before she operates again.  She said that this would be a very simple surgery lasting about 20 minutes in and out. There was no indication that there was any cancer still there, but this surgery is basically precautionary.

Page was also given some exercises to do to help regain full movement of her arm.


12:30 PM Upcoming appointment with Dr. Chien