The chemo sessions began on November 1st and started with a blood draw, followed by a meeting with Page's oncologist and then continuing with the chemo infusion.They are to be given every other week.


Chemo session

10:30 PM - Meeting with Dr. Chien and Colby Hyland prior to begining the chemo treatment. Discussed possible side-effects and what to take to counteract them.

1:30 PM - Meeting with the chemo nurse @ UCSF Ida Friend Infusion Center for the first infusion. Page came home with a good appetite and no ill effects from the chemo today  


9:30 AM - A Power Port was installed today @ UCSF radiology center. Page was also given another week's supply of oral chemo pills. Her chest aches where the port was inserted and she was advised to take advil or tylenol for the pain and no heavy exercise for a couple of weeks.


Chemo session

8:00 AM - Meeting with the chemo nurse @ IUCSF for blood draw.

9:30 AM - Meeting with Dr. Chien @ UCSF - The genetics testing came back without any BRCA gene mutation, and no genetic factor that could be tied to breast cancer at this time.

9:30 AM - Meeting with the chemo nurse @ UCSF for infusion.


1:00 PM - MRI was conducted but we haven't gotten any information about the results yet. There was a computer crash while Page was waiting for the MRI which set the timing back about an hour and a half before the testing could be done. This caused us to be about a half hour late for the ultrasound core biopsy.  

3:30 PM - Ultrasound core biopsy @ UCSF.  They had been alerted to the time delay and were still waiting for Page when we got there. These results are just for the trial and we won't be getting any information about them.


We just got the call from Page's oncologist's nurse and she said that the trial meds seem to be working, better than even they were hoping.  She informed us that the tumor has shrunk from 7.4 cm. to 6.5 cm.!  I figured this deserved an exclamation point! That's a 12% decrease in tumor size.


 2:00 PM -  blood draw @ UCSF Numbers were good today  


Chemo session

11:30 AM - Meeting with the chemo nurse @ UCSF for blood draw.

12:30 AM - Meeting with Dr. Chien @ UCSF. Dr. Chien has decided the experimental treatment was not giving sufficient results so Page will be switching to the standard treatment starting today. She will be getting taxol every Tuesday for the next twelve weeks.

1:30 PM - Meeting with the chemo nurse @ UCSF for infusion. First taxol infusion today.