10:00 AM - At this meeting with Suzanne Eder, CFNP and Dr, Chien at UCSF we were told about the trial that Page will be taking part in, and the schedule for infusions. They will start next week on November 1st.  Page will be getting an infusion of the chemo drug (irinotecan) every other week, and will be taking the experimental drug (talazoparib) orally every day.  At the end of the fifth week she will have an MRI to determine how the drugs are impacting the tumors  If there is noticable shrinkage the treatment will continue, if there is no change Page will switch to the normal chemo treatment (paclitaxel) for breast cancer.  After twelve weeks she will have AC (Anthracycline and Cyclophosphamide) treatment every other week for eight weeks.  Each infusion will be followed by Neulasta the following day.  At the end of this eight week period Page will have a month off before she goes in for surgery.  The type of surgery will depend on how well the tumor responded to the treatment.


1:00 PM - 0ncology nurse at UCSF discussed side-effects of treatments.


Dr. Chien called to inform us that Page's mammaprint results have placed her in the 'high risk' group.  "High Risk" is a designation that indicates that if left untreated the cancer would spread to a major organ within the next two years, and/or even after surgery, with no other treatment, the cancer is likely to return within the next five to ten years. This is the definition that we have been given. We are still waiting for the result of genetic testing to see if Page has a mutated BRCA gene, which would also be an indication of high risk of getting breast cancer.

This means that she will most likely be included in the I-Spy trial. We will know more when we meet with Dr. Chien on October 26.


7:45 AM - Pet/CT scans at UCSF.

3:00 PM - Met with the oncologist, Dr. Chien.

At this meeting we learned that the PET/CT scans came back clear with no sign that the disease had moved anywhere else in her body. Dr. Chien says that this is a curable cancer.

We are now waiting for the results of the MammaPrint in order to determine the next course of treatment. The results should be in by 10/28/16.


Same Day Clinic SDC @ UCSF
8:45 AM -  Speak with Mariela Sophia, Nurse Practicioner (NP)

9:00 AM - Meeting with Colby Hyland, I-Spy coordinator.

10:45 AM - Bilateral Mammogram Diagnostic.

11:45 AM - Left breast ultrasound with Dr. Woodard & Price.

1:15 PM - Left breast ultrasound core biopsy.

2:30 PM -  Meeting with Lara Reichman, Genetic Counselor.

4:00 PM -  Blood sample for I-Spy & genetic test.


3:00 PM - Mammogram MRI – UCSF Helen Diller Family Comprehensive Cancer Center.


8:30 AM - Appointment with Dr. Ewing UCSF surgeon to discuss pathology results. She ordered more tests to be carried out at UCSF.