9:30 AM Second surgery at UCSF

When the pathology report came back Dr. Ewing found that she had some cancer cells in the margin which she removed. This being the case she decided to do a second short surgery to remove a larger cancer-free margin. The surgery was very fast and Page's recovery was also rapid.  We were back home by 12:30 P M. We will meet with Dr. Ewing on the 21st to hear about the latest pathology report. Dr. Ewing feels certain that there was no cancer in the margin this time.


2:40 PM - Meeting with Dr. Ewing at UCSF to discuss the pathology report and any future recommendations. The word we got is that Page is now cancer free and will probably be doing radiation next month  

Good news!


3:00 PM - Meeting with Dr. Chien at UCSF to discuss radiation therapy.

Radiation treatment was tiring but the end results have been just what we were hoping for.  After a daily treatment that lasted a number of weeks there is no more cancer!